Importance of Funeral Flowers

The importance of flowers at a funeral are both symbolic and aesthetic. They add great value to the richness and meaning of the ritual. Flowers represent sympathy extended to the bereaved. Flowers are sent both to the living and the dead. Flowers are sent to the living as comfort and they are sent as tokens of respect for the deceased. Flowers are unique just like the decedent and have been used in funeral rituals for thousands of years.

Flowers are used here in the funeral home during calling hours, funeral service or memorial service. They enhance the appearance at the funeral home. Some people may think that flowers are a waste of money, but at the conclusion of the services held for their loved one, it is often the case that floral arrangements are donated to local nursing centers for their usefullness to be continued by the residents of those facilities. Very often flowers are placed on other graves to memorialize other family members in the cemetery. Flowers are used in churches or places of worship, in which the memory of your loved one can be cherished by their entire faith community.

Flowers at the Funeral Home

We at Rossi & Ditoro Funeral Home accept all flowers from all florists. They may be delivered to our flower room which is located on North Jay Street. We will accept flowers up to one hour prior to calling hours, funeral service or memorial service.

Local Florists

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