History of the Funeral Home



In the above photo: Nicola Rossi on right with hearse driver on left, funeral for a child on Weaver Street, Schenectady, 1913.


Nicola Rossi and his brother Dominick emigrated from Alvignano, province of Caserta, Italy in 1903 and settled in New Haven, CT. Dominick worked with a funeral director and attended an embalming school in New York City. He then moved to Schenectady in 1907 and opened a funeral parlor. Nicola followed in his brother's footsteps and arrived in Schenectady in 1908 to join the new established family business. Shortly thereafter, in 1913, Dominick moved to Ohio and as time passed, his five brothers emigrated to Schenectady and joined him in Ohio where he established four funeral parlors. These funeral parlors were located in Cincinatti, Akron, Niles and Warren, Ohio. Dominick then returned to New York, settling in Utica where he established another funeral parlor.


Nicola’s first funeral parlor was located on Jefferson Street near North Broadway, at the time it was Center Street. The funeral parlor was then relocated to 21 North Jay Street and in 1928, Nicola purchased the building on the corner of Union and North Jay Street, where the funeral home is still in operation.Snow Storm These new quarters made the transition from home funerals to funeral home services easier and more accommodating to the families needs for a lager "parlor" and ample parking for guests, yet being close to the family home.

Nicola married Rose Cipriano in 1910 and had two sons Edward C. and Albert P. Rossi. In 1932 and 1939 respectfully, they joined Nicola's firm to become N. Rossi and Sons. 

Such as the days, sometime in the middle of winter and late at night, when calls were received to go to a house where someone had just died. Once, Edward recalled his father Nicola, hitched up a horse to a sled and drove out the old River Road alongside the Erie Canal, now Route 5S, to Rotterdam Junction. It was a cold winter's night but the undertaker was needed.

Nicola Rossi retired in 1952 and died in April 1972. The original building which included the first funeral parlor and the family residence, on 21 North Jay Street, was torn down in 1979 to be used for parking.

In 1996, DaOldFHPhotovid J. Ditoro, joined the firm as a funeral director and partnered with the long time family firm. The funeral establishment then became Rossi & Ditoro Funeral Home and still remains a private family concern for over 100 years.

We at Rossi & Ditoro Funeral Home realize that everyone deals with the emotions associated with death in different ways. The important thing to keep in mind is that we are here for you.